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H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals scores new partners, showcases highly-grade chemical products at Middle East Coatings Show 2021


(From left) Sharad Dhole, Assistant Sales Manager at H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals; Anil Angre, General Manager of Intermediate Chemicals Company; Krish Venkatesan, General Manager of H.A.K.; Suhas Shenoy, Sales Engineer at H.A.K.; and Salah Al Qwairi, Commercial Manager at Arabian Zinc

Dubai, UAE: H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals, a member of The Kanoo Group, has once again proven its superiority in the industry as it enhances its portfolio with new partners, while retaining the trust of its existing ones—showcasing their products at the recently concluded Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) 2021 last September 27 to 29.

The Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) is the only dedicated coatings event for raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the paint & coatings industry in the Middle East and Gulf Region. Mostly those taking part in the trade show are from the GCC, Middle East, parts of Africa and the sub-continent.

Krish Venkatesan, General Manager of H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals said that the company has started working with a new supplier— a Korean-based company named SK Chemicals. “We will be working with them for their product range for UAE, Oman and Bahrain,” he said.

In addition, H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals has also been working with Chemical Partners Europe—a leading independent and dynamic distributor of specialty chemicals in the Middle East and Africa. During the exhibit, Chemical Partners Europe showcased its expanded product range for the paints, coatings, and construction chemicals industry.


The seminar was organized by Chemical Partners for their entire team in Middle East and Africa to discuss sales strategies and also have technical discussions. Some key suppliers also presented their latest offerings.

Venkatesan added that H.A.K.’s portfolio has been enhanced since some of their partner-manufacturers have introduced new products in the market. And while the past 18 months have not been easy due to the pandemic, he said that they are regrouping because a lot of products were reformulated and developed.

“We are trying to tweak around with a few new products. Since these are all chemical products, there are a lot of changes, so customer expectations also change. New technologies have also come in. People are now talking about environment-friendly and green technologies, so we have to slowly adapt to those things and offer new generation products to ensure we remain as a market leader in the region—which we have been for over 20 years,” he said.

H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals has also focused on the importance of zinc in the industry, showcasing the critical intermediate zinc products produced by one of its Principals, Arabian Zinc Oxide Factory.

During the exhibition, H.A.K Industrial Chemicals displayed various special grades of zinc oxide and zinc dust from Arabian Zinc Oxide Factory, which consistently produces high quality products for various industries ranging from pharma, greases and coatings. Zinc is known to protect metals, steel, iron, and many other products from rusting and corrosion.

Anil Angre, the General Manager of Intermediate Chemicals Company, based in Jubail, KSA, noted that their stakeholders have developed the zinc range due to market needs, especially since in the region, there are a lot of factories needing zinc oxide and zinc dust. With the help of H.A.K. Industrial Chemicals, he said they have grown the market regionally and gained dominant market share.

“H.A.K. and The Kanoo Group in general are a well-known distribution agency in the region. You can totally rely on them in terms building the markets. They are very well-established, highly-reputed, and highly-ethical. We have been working with them for more than 15 years already and we plan to continue this fruitful partnership because of their ethics, integrity, and flexibility in the commercial environment,” he said.

Venkatesan said that for this year’s MECS, H.A.K. is looking forward to working with its new suppliers, as well as explore more ways to introduce new highly-grade products and increase its geographical reach for its existing Principals.

He added that MECS is also a great platform to boost its market presence, increase sales, generate leads, as well as network with the industry's pioneers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and key decision makers.

“In our line of business, it is always good to have visibility. We have been actively participating in this event once in two years, which is a good thing because in two years, there are some new development technologies, and platforms like MECS present excellent opportunities to exhibit those new innovations,” he furthered.

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