Wednesday 1 May 2024

H.A.K Industrial Chemicals Showcases Cutting-Edge Coatings at MECS 2024


Braving torrential downpours that threatened to disrupt proceedings, the 30th edition of the Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) 2024 carried on undeterred at the Dubai World Trade Centre from April 16-18. Among the exhibitors was H.A.K Industrial Chemicals, a division of the esteemed The Kanoo Group, unveiling its latest innovations in paint and coatings technology.

For three decades, MECS has served as a pivotal platform connecting industry professionals across the Middle East and North Africa. This year's event brought together over 350 exhibiting brands from 24 nations, representing the entire coatings value chain – from raw material suppliers to equipment manufacturers. The show floor buzzed with manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and technical experts exploring new products, exchanging ideas, and fostering vital business connections.

The UAE's coatings market has seen remarkable growth, expanding from $747.38 million in 2022 to $766.33 million in 2023, a 2.67% increase according to Mordor Intelligence. This upswing has attracted significant investments, exemplified by Jotun's $41 million facility inauguration in Dubai Science Park last January.

Krish Venkatesan, General Manager of H.A.K Industrial Chemicals, affirmed, "Surging construction activities across the UAE and neighboring countries are fueling demand for premium paints and coatings. The construction boom necessitates differentiated, innovative, and sustainable solutions."

H.A.K Industrial Chemicals showcased an extensive range of products from its 13 global principals, catering to diverse coating applications. Notable exhibitors included Arabian Zinc Oxide Factory's high-purity zinc oxide grades, Cabot's fumed silica and carbon black offerings, Potters' hollow glass microspheres for paints and coatings, and Raichem's dibenzoyl peroxide hardeners.

The MENA region is experiencing robust demand across architectural, decorative, wood, and industrial coatings segments, with epoxy and polyurethane coatings leading the charge in the UAE's fast-growing industrial sector.

Venkatesan stated, "This year, we are actively seeking new suppliers in paints, coatings, and construction chemicals. For our existing principals, we are continually exploring ways to expand our geographical reach beyond the UAE and Oman while maintaining our brand image as a regional market leader."

Despite the inclement weather, the three-day exhibition attracted customers from the GCC, Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. "More than the quantity, it was the quality of visitors that impressed us, leading to insightful technical discussions and potential new business opportunities," remarked Venkatesan.

He added, "We maintain stock of most of our products in the UAE, supplying customers across the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, and Pakistan. MECS is an unparalleled platform to bolster our market presence, drive sales, generate leads, and network with industry pioneers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and key decision-makers."

Venkatesan concluded, "We are delighted to reconnect with our customers and partners at MECS 2024, introducing our latest innovations designed to overcome current industry challenges. Our presence reaffirms our commitment to advancing paint technology while enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability across the board."


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Monday 29 April 2024

Kanoo Travel and Vatwire Partnership


Vatwire, a leading provider of VAT/GST reclaim services, and Kanoo Travel, a prominent travel management company, have announced an exciting partnership. Through this collaboration, Kanoo Travel will offer Vatwire's cutting-edge VAT/GST recovery solutions to its clients worldwide, enabling them to unlock significant cost savings on their foreign business expenses, including travel, aviation, and imports.

The partnership brings together the strengths of both companies, enhancing Kanoo Travel's offerings and empowering thousands of clients across the Middle East and globally to recover substantial amounts of Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on their international business operations.

By leveraging Vatwire's advanced technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, Kanoo Travel clients will soon be able to streamline the process of reclaiming VAT/GST taxes included in their foreign travel, aviation, imports, and many other business expenses from various countries. With international VAT rates reaching as high as 25%, this partnership presents a significant opportunity for clients to recover costs they may have previously overlooked, immediately boosting their profitability. In some cases, clients can even claim VAT refunds dating back five years, potentially amounting to substantial sums of money that would have otherwise been missed.

"VAT/GST reclaim is often overlooked, and the money is lost in the corporate environment," said Fahim Jalali, CEO of Kanoo Travel. "Through our exciting partnership with Vatwire, we are delighted to be able to add a valuable service, driving deeper savings for our all-important clients. Partnering with Vatwire highlights our commitment to adding value to our corporate client’s way beyond business travel. We are delighted to offer our services across our network of Kanoo Travel offices, once again leading the way in introducing the best and most innovative of travel products and services for the industry."


Kanoo Travel, a fully owned business division of Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Group (YBA Kanoo), has been named Saudi Arabia’s Leading Business Travel Agency in 2020 by the 27th World Travel Awards. Kanoo Travel management were informed about the decision earlier this year and received the award in February 2021.

For almost a decade our strategy has been focused on corporate clients which allowed us to develop the capabilities and know-how to serve them in the best way possible. Kanoo Travel has been operating in Saudi Arabia since the 1950’s and has successfully managed to build strong and stable relationships with many clients across the globe.

Kanoo Travel is the largest travel management company in the MENA region. Specializing in corporate, marine, leisure travel, airline representation and Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events (MICE). It offers a wide range of compliance-driven, cost-effective travel management services and solutions. Kanoo Travel operates a network of more than 70 IATA locations and has offices in the Arabian Gulf Region, Egypt, and London.


Vatwire is a global leader in cross-border VAT/GST & Tax Recoveries. Vatwire maximises VAT recoveries through its proprietary, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

The Vatwire Group, together with its Partners, provide VAT/GST recovery in over 180 tax jurisdictions around the world and to many Fortune 500 Companies.

Vatwire’s latest technology, tailor-made services and simple sign-on process maximizes customers’ VAT/GST Refunds.

Vatwire offers a full, end-to-end VAT recovery and compliance solution, which ranges from expenses related to foreign and domestic business travel, shipping and A/P (foreign Supplier) expenses, as well as specialized tax recovery services for the aviation, MICE and tour operator industries.

Our VAT/GST reclamation solutions are designed to dramatically maximize tax savings for our clients across the globe.

For further information, please visit or click on our short corporate video:  VATWIRE FOREIGN VAT VIDEO.mp4 on Vimeo


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Monday 22 April 2024

BRC Arabia Celebrates Outstanding Achievements: Honoring the Dedication of Its Production Team


Engr. Samuel Salah, Deputy General Manager of BRC Arabia, personally awarded certificates to top employees.

BRC ARABIA recently held a special ceremony at its facility to recognize the hard work and dedication of its production team. The event was part of BRC Arabia's efforts to keep its employees motivated and appreciated.

Engr. Samuel Salah, Deputy General Manager of BRC Arabia, personally awarded certificates to employees who had played a significant role in meeting the production targets.


During the ceremony, Engr. Salah explained how the recipients were chosen based on their productivity, ability to meet targets, multitasking skills, and effective communication. These qualities are highly valued at BRC Arabia, and the certificates served as a token of appreciation for the outstanding contributions of these employees.


Here are the exceptional employees who received recognition:

• Best Performer in the Factory

Mr. Mohammed Gias Uddin

Position: Machine Operator

Date of Joining: June 28, 1998

Experience: Over 25 years at BRC Arabia

• Best Performance in the CUT & Bent Section

Mr. Sai Kumar Mekala

Date of Joining: July 11, 2018

Experience: Over 5 years at BRC Arabia

• Multitasking and Good Behavior

Mr. Aminul Khan

Date of Joining: January 20, 2019

Experience: 5 years at BRC Arabia


The Kanoo Group, along with its division BRC Arabia, takes pride in every employee who has contributed to the success of BRC Arabia. Since 1996, #BRC Arabia has been dedicated to supplying top-quality products to the #UAE and #Gulf market. With its expertise in reinforcing #steelfabrication, #BRCArabia has become the preferred choice in the region.

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2024 Marks Milestones in Sino-UAE Diplomatic Relations and Belt and Road Initiative


In a momentous event, Kanoo Travel and the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports formalized their strategic partnership through a signing ceremony held on April 8, 2024, at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Emphasizing equality, mutual benefit, and leveraging complementary strengths, the partnership aims to establish a sustainable and mutually beneficial alliance, enhancing brand value and economic outcomes through close cooperation.

This year commemorates the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the 11th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. A significant aspect of their collaboration centers on tourism, especially between the UAE and Hainan, China's largest special economic zone and international tourism hub.

Sami Mustafa, Manager Abu Dhabi & Northern Emirates of Kanoo Travel, articulated his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, " The collaboration between Kanoo Travel and Hainan Tourism will soon illuminate the exciting benefits travelers can enjoy when visiting this newly launched destination with direct flights from Abu Dhabi. This partnership aims to showcase the unique experiences Hainan has to offer while leveraging Kanoo Travel's extensive regional network."

The recent enhancements to visa-free policies for 59 countries have facilitated smoother travel to Hainan, aligning with its goal to bolster tourism development. Both parties aspire to deepen ties between Hainan and the UAE, recognizing each other as strategic partners. They commit to regular exchanges and efficient collaboration, leveraging respective strengths and resources with trust, respect, and responsibility.

Aubrey Heldt, General Manager of Kanoo Travel, added, "This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in our efforts to strengthen ties between the UAE and Hainan. We are excited about the opportunities it presents for both regions and look forward to working closely with our partners to drive mutual growth and success."

Fahim Jalali, CEO of Kanoo Travel, expressed humility and gratitude for being chosen among the very best in the travel industry, stating, "We are deeply honored to be recognized as the most trusted and reliable partner in the tourism field in the GCC and Middle East. This partnership underscores our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to further strengthen the bonds between the UAE and Hainan and to create unforgettable experiences for travelers."


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Wednesday 3 April 2024

The Kanoo Group's Chairman, Mishal Kanoo, Unites Hundreds in Heartfelt Ramadan Iftar Celebration


After his Maghrib prayer in a small, cozy prayer room in the hotel venue, Mishal Kanoo joined hundreds of his employees for the annual Iftar gathering of The Kanoo Group. He waited in line and queued for dinner like the rest, and he humbly talked to anyone who passed by his table. Mishal's kind nature and admirable qualities were a privilege for everyone to watch, as all his employees adored and respected him. It was an honor for us to be associated with this brilliant businessman, who had a great heart filled with wisdom.

The 2024 Iftar banquet was an eagerly anticipated event for this close-knit corporation. All employees and their families came together to share in the breaking of bread with their beloved chairman, Mishal Kanoo. This event embodied the true spirit of Iftar as Mishal Kanoo and his family joined in the tradition of breaking the fast with loved ones. Together, The Kanoo Group forms a close-knit community built on respect, love, and care, sharing moments of gratitude, unity, and delicious food on this night. It was a joy to connect and share a delicious meal. Everyone felt grateful for the Ramadan spirit of community and togetherness.

Mishal Kanoo, accompanied by his two sons, warmly welcomed his employees and guests from diverse religious and social backgrounds who joined in celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and breaking the fast. He has dedicated his life to building The Kanoo Group into the inspiring force it is today and ensured that the event embraced every employee and their families from various walks of life, fostering an inclusive environment where the spirit of Ramadan could be embraced and shared in the joy of breaking fast.

The Kanoo Group's annual Iftar was held on March 27, 2024, at the Marriott International Hotels, Al Jaddaf, Dubai. It brought together staff from different divisions across the UAE, along with their families and members of the management team. Key members of the conglomerate, senior management, divisional heads, and employees from various departments were all in attendance.

The annual Iftar event is organized by the marketing team led by Ali Islim and the HR team led by Mohammad Tariq, which prepares for all the staff of The Kanoo Group across the UAE from different divisions, as well as their families and members of the management. The event embodies the family dynamics of the company, true to its family business nature that spans decades, where everyone working for this company is considered, literally, family.

Iftar has grown into a banquet festival and a social event with religious significance and meaning. The organized event mostly received positive reviews from attendees for the preparation, with the marketing department headed by Ali Islim branding The Kanoo Group on the event night, depicting the elements of corporate identity, from photo stations to the food, vibrant Arabian live music players, and venue. The Kanoo Group's deep blue color encapsulated the night in a wooden bench swing with a starry Ramadan night backdrop and the Kanoo Group logo that hangs above, where many could take photos of the night. Another beautiful backdrop of The Kanoo Group Ramadan Iftar Night was a photo wall with a dazzling enclave of lights, much to the joy of many when taking their Ramadan night photo.

Deputy Chairman Mohamed Abdul Latif Kanoo Shares the Iftar Spirit of Harmony and Togetherness in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, Deputy Chairman Mohamed Abdul Latif Kanoo, uniting in tradition, led the Iftar celebration of all Abu Dhabi staff on March 29, 2024, at the Rixos Hotel Marina, Abu Dhabi. The same spirit of harmony, bonding, and camaraderie among the employees and their families was visible, reflecting the values of sharing and togetherness among the entire group.

The Kanoo Group Iftar reflects the true spirit of Ramadan, which is not only a time of goodwill and blessings but a special occasion where colleagues and friends spend quality time in an informal setting and an act of gratitude to the employees’ contributions to the overall growth of the organization. The event embodied the company's values of unity, respect, love, and care and strengthened their bonds as a community.

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Monday 1 April 2024

Kanoo Machinery-UAE Recognized for Outstanding Team Efforts and Secures "Best Deal 2023" Award for Grove Cranes from The Manitowoc Company


Kanoo Machinery-UAE has been awarded the coveted "Best Deal 2023" accolade from The Manitowoc Company for Grove Cranes Dealer, in recognition of their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional solutions and services to their clients. The award was received by Najib Jabbour, Sales Manager at Kanoo Machinery UAE; Khalid Ali, Divisional Manager at Kanoo Machinery-UAE; and Kannan Chandrasekaran, General Manager (UAE, Oman & Bahrain) at Kanoo Machinery. Their dedication and expertise in delivering outstanding results were commendable, and they have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation in the lifting industry.

In attendance at the ceremony were Andrew Youssef, General Manager at The Manitowoc Company; Paulo A Costa, Regional Sales Manager at The Manitowoc Company; and Connie Mendoza, Sales Admin Manager at The Manitowoc Company, who all lauded Kanoo Machinery-UAE's perseverance and laying the foundation for success over the years.

Kannan Chandrasekaran expressed his joy at receiving the award and thanked The Manitowoc Company for their successful partnership. He stated, "This award is a reflection of our team's dedication and hard work. We are grateful for the recognition and excited about the future prospects of our partnership with The Manitowoc Company."

Andrew Youssef of The Manitowoc Company also congratulated Kanoo Machinery-UAE on their achievement and commended them for their consistent commitment to excellence and innovation. He expressed, "We are proud to partner with Kanoo Machinery-UAE and are thrilled to recognize their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional solutions and services."

Khalid Ali of Kanoo Machinery-UAE added, "We are honored to have received the 'Best Deal 2023' award and are excited about the future prospects of our partnership with The Manitowoc Company. Our team's expertise and dedication have contributed to our success, and we look forward to continuing to deliver outstanding results."

This award is a testament to the enduring partnership between Kanoo Machinery-UAE and The Manitowoc Company, reflecting their shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the lifting industry. We celebrate their achievement and look forward to continued success and fruitful collaborations in the future.

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Monday 25 March 2024

Kanoo Yacht Services Charts Course for Luxury Yachting Across Middle East and Mediterranean


The Middle Eastern waters of the Arabian Gulf have emerged as a prime destination for the elite world of mega-yachts and luxury leisure travel. With billions being invested in ultra-luxury maritime developments like Saudi Arabia's NEOM and The Red Sea Project, the region is rapidly evolving into one of the most exciting new playgrounds for the superyacht set.

This surge in demand from affluent yacht owners and charterers seeking new exclusive cruising grounds has been a key driver behind a pioneering partnership between two prestigious maritime services firms - Kanoo Yacht Services and Italy's San Giorgio Yachting.

Launched under the banner "San Giorgio Yachting / Kanoo Yacht Services", the joint venture marries San Giorgio's expertise in Mediterranean yachting with Kanoo's formidable regional network spanning the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and beyond.

"There is immense potential for yachting tourism in the Middle East with its stunning cruising areas and the development of world-class marina facilities," said John Drinkwater, CEO of Kanoo Shipping which oversees the yacht services division. "By partnering with the prestigious San Giorgio brand, we can deliver a truly seamless end-to-end service for yacht owners and clients as they cruise between the Mediterranean and Middle East."

Angelo Marcantonio, Commercial Manager for Kanoo Yacht Services, echoed that sentiment: "Our clients in this ultra-luxury segment have exceptionally high standards. Through this partnership, we can provide them with the premium services, support and local knowledge they require, no matter which beautiful destination they choose to visit."

Those premium services run the gamut from expediting marine paperwork and clearances to arranging high-end provisioning, equipment procurement, itinerary planning, and 24/7 technical assistance from experienced yacht professionals. The goal is ensuring every aspect of the yachting experience is delivered flawlessly.

On the Mediterranean side, San Giorgio brings over a decade of experience supporting yacht operations through its bases in iconic locations like Genoa and Portofino. The firm was recently acquired by IL Investimenti Group to accelerate its growth.

"After establishing San Giorgio as a leader for yacht services across Italy and the Mediterranean, we wanted to extend our white-glove offerings to new frontiers," said Fulvia Linari, Managing Director of San Giorgio Yachting who will oversee the Mediterranean side of operations. "The Middle East is an exciting emerging destination, and Kanoo Yacht Services, under the Kanoo Shipping umbrella, was the ideal partner to work with given their unmatched local presence and reputation."

From Saudi Arabia's ultra-luxurious Red Sea developments to the cosmopolitan marinas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Gulf region is rapidly enhancing its facilities to accommodate the mega-yacht lifestyle. This offers globetrotting superyacht owners enticing new cruising grounds to explore beyond the traditional Mediterranean hotspots.

With their combined resources and strengths, Kanoo Yacht Services and San Giorgio Yachting are poised to be leaders in delivering a seamless world-class yachting experience to valued clients across these two hallmark yachting regions and beyond.


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Monday 18 March 2024

Kanoo Machinery UAE Introduces Cutting-Edge Cleaning Solutions from Fayat Group



In a groundbreaking event, Kanoo Machinery UAE proudly unveiled the latest advancements in cleaning and sweeping technology from renowned manufacturers Ravo, Mathieu, and Scarab Sweepers, all under the esteemed umbrella of Fayat Group. These industrial sweepers are set to revolutionize the cleanliness standards of urbanized cities and communities across the region.

At the FAYAT Cleaning & Sweeping OPEN Day held at Kanoo Machinery Al Quoz Dubai last March 4, 2023, Frederic Lallemand, Chief Commercial Officer from Fayat Environmental Solutions, and Tarek Elseify, Business Development and Area Manager for Middle East and Africa led the live demonstration of these cleaning machines. Their presence underscored the significance of this event in introducing cutting-edge solutions to the UAE and the region.

Frederic Lallemand emphasized the company's commitment to innovation, stating, "Bringing the latest technology to the market is pivotal for us. We aim to continually push the boundaries of what's possible in the cleaning equipment industry, ensuring our clients benefit from state-of-the-art solutions."

Tarek Elseify expressed enthusiasm about entering the demanding Middle East market, said, "The Middle East and Africa present unique challenges and opportunities. We are excited to introduce our advanced cleaning solutions to meet the evolving needs of this region."

Kannan Chandrasekaran, General Manager (UAE, Oman & Bahrain) at Kanoo Machinery LLC, reflected on the success of the event, stating, "The FAYAT Cleaning & Sweeping OPEN Day was a resounding success, showcasing our commitment to providing our clients who witnessed the latest innovations in cleaning technology. We are proud to partner with Fayat Group in bringing these cutting-edge solutions to the UAE and beyond."

The event was notably well-attended by very high-profile existing clients from the government and top companies in UAE, who gathered to witness the live demonstration. Their presence further emphasized the importance of these advancements in the cleaning industry and highlighted Kanoo Machinery UAE's position as a leading provider of innovative solutions in the region.

The event not only highlighted the capabilities of these state-of-the-art industrial sweepers but also served as a testament to Kanoo Machinery UAE's dedication to advancing the cleanliness standards in the region. As cities continue to grow and urbanize, these innovative solutions will play a crucial role in maintaining pristine environments for all.


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Kanoo Travel's Double Triumph: Dominating Bowling Championships in 2024


February and March 2024 proved to be months of glory for Kanoo Travel as they showcased their exceptional talent on the bowling lanes, clinching top positions in two prestigious tournaments.

In February, Kanoo Travel proudly claimed the championship title at the annual bowling championship organized by South African Airlines. Led by Faraj Nissam, the team exhibited remarkable skill and cohesion throughout the tournament. Sachin Kotian, Kevin Samsoodeen, Sajid Shaikh, Mohamed Ihsan, and Saud Kazi comprised the winning squad, each contributing significantly to the team's success.

These tournaments, featuring 10 formidable teams and 60 skilled players, highlighted the intense competition within the travel industry.

Faraj Nissam's standout performance, securing the top score of the tournament, further highlighted Kanoo Travel's dominance on the bowling alley, leaving a lasting impression on their competitors.

Fahim Jalali, CEO of Kanoo Travel added, "Sport holds an enduring power to bridge divides, ignite dialogue, and spur transformation. In today's fragmented and challenging landscape, business leaders can tap into this influence to empower sporting communities as agents of change. Any team player understands the significance of assists alongside goals, emphasizing the pivotal role of teamwork in achieving success.’

In March, Kanoo Travel continued their impressive streak by participating in the Turkish Airline Bowling Championship. Kanoo Travel secured the 2nd place position championship title. Behind BCD Travel , with Dnata claimed the 3rd place spot in this closely contested event.

The Kanoo Travel team for the Turkish Airline Bowling Championship comprised Faraj, Sachin, and Saud, alongside Kevin, Sajid, and Ihsan, showcasing their consistency and skill across tournaments.

This victory marked Kanoo Travel's second championship win of the year, underscoring their unwavering dedication and prowess in competitive events. These triumphs not only solidify Kanoo Travel's reputation as leaders in the travel industry but also exemplify their commitment to excellence, both on and off the bowling lanes.

“Kanoo Travel's recent triumphs in bowling underscore the essence of teamwork. Just as every player contributes to a team's victory in sports, our collaborative ethos within Kanoo Travel fuels our success both in competitive arenas and in nurturing a culture of collective achievement." said Aubrey Heldt, General Manager of Kanoo Travel.


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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Kanoo Shipping Six a Side Cricket Tournament Builds Team Spirit


Kanoo Shipping Division UAE under VP – Capt. Pramod Arora organized an inter-office six a side Cricket Tournament among the Shipping staff as a team building event and to showcase sportsmanship among the staff members, whilst taking the opportunity to bring all the families together, with an impressive turnover of 120 staff members & families attending.

The event was held at Australian International School Cricket Grounds on the 3rd March 2024, with the tournament starting at 8.00 am and completing at 3.30 pm, with 10 matches in total being played.

The tournament consisted of eight teams comprising of a squad of eight to nine players in each team which were Abu Dhabi team 1 & team 2, Dubai team 1 & team 2, Fujairah 1, Sharjah 1, and Regional 1.

Kanoo Shipping CEO Mr. John Drinkwater graced the occasion being Chief Guest at the awards ceremony. He thanked the event organizers on a what was a successful day, whilst also congratulating the winners along with everyone that took part.

Shipping DXB 1 and AUH 1 were competing for the plate trophy where AUH 1 won and DXB 1 were the runners up. Kasun from AUH 1 was awarded Man of the Match for the plate final.

Shipping Fujairah and Sharjah qualified for the final of the main rolling trophy with Sharjah winning by a single run advantage to pick up the main trophy, with Fujairah as the runner-up.

Best bowler of the tournament and the highest scorer of the tournament was awarded to Prabodha from Sharjah. Best fielder of the tournament was awarded to Iyappan from DXB 2 with Kissanga from Sharjah awarded man of the match in the final.

Kanoo Shipping intends to organize similar tournament as a yearly event to strengthen the fellowship and team sprit among the staff.


For media inquiries, please contact: Cristina Magallon
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Thursday 7 March 2024

Mishal Kanoo Honored as Industry Icon at MALT Congress 2024


Mr. Abdullatif Kanoo of The Kanoo Group and Mr. Fahim Jalali, CEO of Kanoo Travel, recently stood proud as they accepted the prestigious Industry Icon award on behalf of Mr. Mishal Hamed Kanoo at the Meetings Arabia and Luxury Travel (MALT) event 2024. This event, hosted at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Abu Dhabi on February 29th, 2024, is a significant gathering for connecting top buyers and suppliers in the MENA region's travel and tourism industry.

The MALT Congress has a long history of success in recognizing top-tier industries in luxury travel in the region and bringing together influential buyers from MENA with global suppliers and tourism boards. Kanoo Travel has been at the forefront of these trends reshaping the travel industry.

Mr. Abdullatif Kanoo, representing The Kanoo Group, graciously accepted the Industry Icon award on behalf of Mr. Mishal Hamed Kanoo with humility and gratitude, stating, "This recognition serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence and dedication that Kanoo Travel, a division of The Kanoo Group, and our Chairman, Mr. Mishal Hamed Kanoo, have instilled in our corporate mission. We are honored to receive this prestigious award, which reaffirms our commitment to delivering unparalleled service and innovation in the travel industry."

During the prestigious event, Mr. Fahim Jalali took part in a panel discussion focusing on the future of the travel business. He emphasized the importance of integrating artificial intelligence and technology to explore new paths to success in the industry. This acknowledgement underscores Kanoo Travel's commitment to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving world of travel and tourism.

Mr. Fahim Jalali, CEO of Kanoo Travel, expressed his appreciation for the recognition from MALT, saying, "Being acknowledged by MALT, an institution with decades of experience in the luxury travel sector, is a tremendous honor for Kanoo Travel. It reinforces our belief in the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging technology to provide exceptional experiences for our clients."



For media inquiries, please contact: Cristina Magallon
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KANOO TRAVEL Honored with Appreciation Award at Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Night 2024


Philippine Airlines (PAL) recently celebrated its 83rd anniversary with a grand event, the Mabuhay Night 2024, held on February 29 at The Conrad Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Among the highlights of the evening was the recognition of top-performing partners, including KANOO TRAVEL, for their exceptional contributions throughout 2023.

KANOO TRAVEL, a renowned name in the travel industry, was acknowledged for its outstanding performance in boosting passenger sales revenue, significantly aiding PAL in achieving its goals. Aubrey Heldt, General Manager of Kanoo Travel, accepted the prestigious Appreciation Award on behalf of Kanoo Travel.

Expressing gratitude for the recognition, Aubrey Heldt commented, "We are truly honored to receive this recognition from Philippine Airlines. At Kanoo Travel, our aim has always been to provide exceptional service and unforgettable travel experiences. This award reaffirms our dedication to excellence and motivates us to continue delivering the best for our customers."

The award was presented by Josh Vasquez, Regional Head of EMEA Region of Philippine Airlines, together with Ferdinand Alfonso Ver, Philippine Ambassador to the UAE, adding prestige to the occasion.

The event served as a platform to celebrate the strong partnerships between Kanoo Travel and PAL, marking another milestone in Kanoo Travels’ journey towards excellence in the travel industry in the GCC.


For media inquiries, please contact: Cristina Magallon
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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Kanoo Travel Joins "NIHAO! CHINA" at 2024 North China Ice and Snow Tourism Event in Dubai


Kanoo Travel, alongside "Nihao! China”, was honored as a special guest at the 2024 North China Ice and Snow Tourism Overseas Promotion Season UAE special event in Dubai.

On February 2, local time, the event, co-sponsored by the China Cultural Centre - UAE and various departments of culture and tourism from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Heilongjiang Province, and Liaoning Province, was successfully held in Dubai with support from the Silk Road Tourism Cities Alliance.

Fahim Jalali, CEO of Kanoo Travel, represented the United Arab Emirates as a special guest. The event aimed to bolster the "Silk Road Tourism Cities Alliance," backed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China and spearheaded by the China Cultural Centre - UAE.

As 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and the United Arab Emirates, the event symbolized the strengthened cooperation between the two nations, continuing the legacy of the Silk Road and enhancing constructive roles in the travel industry.

Xinjiang, renowned as a gem along the ancient Silk Road, has actively developed cultural and tourism projects in recent years. Among these is the cultural spectacle titled "Lift Your Veil — Xinjiang, a Splendid Place," a collaborative endeavor by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region where the cultural ambassadors performed in Dubai. This performance seamlessly blends music, dance, poetry, and painting, earning acclaim as an “Excellent Performance of Stage Art in the New Era."

Participating as a representative of nine provinces and cities in northern China, "Nihao! China" showcased their cultural richness during the 2024 North China Ice and Snow Tourism Overseas Promotion Season.

Fahim Jalali expressed enthusiasm, stating that the event provided a glimpse into the abundant cultural and tourism resources, and Kanoo Travel looks forward to further collaboration with China Cultural Centre - UAE, in exploring extraordinary facets of both countries' cultural and tourism sectors.

The 2024 North China Ice and Snow Tourism Overseas Promotion Season, organized jointly by the China Cultural Centre - UAE, and the Culture and Tourism Departments of nine provinces, is slated to run from December 2023 to February 2024, aiming to promote Chinese cultural and tourism offerings abroad.


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