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Fujairah Port welcomes new YBA Kanoo CEO

Dubai, UAE: Maurice Ghattas, the newly appointed CEO of YBA Kanoo is ready to embrace his new role in overseeing long-term business strategies in the Gulf. As part of his latest engagements, he visited the Fujairah Port along with top representatives of The Kanoo Group on 10th September 2013, wherein he was warmly received by senior members.
Maurice Ghattas, CEO, YBA Kanoo
Mr. Fahad Kanoo (Executive Director – UAE), Mr. Bob Curtis (CEO – UAE & Oman) and Mr. John Drinkwater (Kanoo Shipping Manager – UAE) graced the gathering and introduced the new group Chief Executive, Mr. Maurice Ghattas in the presence of prominent officials of Fujairah Port – Mr. John Mittelstein (Marketing Manager), Mr. David J. Nicholas (Operations Manager), Capt. Mohamed Youssef Hassan (Marine Pilot & Port Security Officer), Capt. Shaher Sartawi (Deputy Operation Manager) and Capt. Mousa Murad (General Manager), among others.

Fujairah Port is a significant part of The Kanoo Group of companies because of their long business association. Kanoo Shipping, a member of The Kanoo Group has been the topmost agent of the Port for the past three consecutive years.

The conducted meeting was very dynamic wherein latest developments taking place in Fujairah were discussed. Also, major points were tackled on how The Kanoo Group can become more involved in these various developments. Afterwards, the new CEO was guided round the port facilities, visited one of Kanoo Marine boats and then visited Kanoo’s existing facilities which are headed up by Captain Pramod Arora (Shipping Manager – Fujairah) and Dewon Holmes (Marine Manager). He was then introduced to the rest of the Kanoo Team.
The Kanoo Group & Fujairah Port management pose during the new YBA Kanoo CEO visit
Today, Fujairah Port is one of the world’s anchorage and bunkering locations. It is a multi-purpose port that caters for containers, general and bulk cargoes, as well as oil activity. Two bulk loaders handle the Emirates considerable aggregate exports and the Port also hosts the UAE’s strategic grain reserve.

Since Fujairah Port became operational in 1983, it has embarked on a continuous policy of enhancement to both its facilities and its comprehensive range of services. It is situated on the Eastern Seaboard of the UAE, approximately 70 nautical miles from the Straits of Hormuz. Its strategic position has proved attractive to both the range of users of the multi-purpose Port and the significant numbers of vessels calling at the Fujairah Anchorage for Bunkers, Supplies and Service. The Fujairah Anchorage is internationally recognized for its safety, security and calm waters.

Kanoo Shipping operates in 19 countries and in all principal ports and offshore tanker loading terminals around the Arabian Peninsula including Iraq and Sudan. In addition to its fully owned offices and joint ventures in the Arabian Peninsula, its regional network operates through well established partnerships in Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Seychelles.

Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Kanoo Shipping is one of the founders of S5 Agency World Ltd., the rapidly growing global shipping agency company established to meet the increasing requirements of clients looking to benefit from the financial and the process efficiencies derived from global coverage. Stakeholders in the company are all financially strong, regional market leaders. S5 has become a recognized player within the Global agency market through its world class IT system and local expertise.

Nowadays, Kanoo Shipping is moving full steam ahead with a commitment to extend its range of services and port coverage to meet the ever-changing global requirements of the shipping industry.
Mr. Ghattas has a wide expertise in business development and management. His professional background included experiences in United Technologies, Carrier Knoll, MFG, W R Grace and other GCC family conglomerates which gives him the unique combination of skills and knowledge in doing business not only in Bahrain but throughout the Middle East.
Kanoo Marine in Fujairah Port
About Kanoo Shipping

Kanoo Shipping is one of the founders of S5 Agency World. Being the first Arab shipping agency in the Region in 1890, Kanoo Shipping has grown to be the largest regional shipping service provider in the Middle East. It covers an extensive area including Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and Indian Sub-continent and handles 15,000 port calls every year, with offices in 20 countries.

About The Kanoo Group

‘The Kanoo Group’ is one of the largest, independent, family-owned groups of companies in the Gulf region established in 1890. It has diversified business industries in shipping, travel, machinery, engineering, logistics, property, oil & gas, power, industrial chemicals, training, joint ventures, retail and commercial activities, among others, and operates extensively throughout Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen and Qatar.

Our Vision
The Leading Family Business in the Region and Beyond

Our Mission 
Delivering Sustainable Excellence

Our Values 
Customer Focused, Ethical, Innovative, Agile, Competent & Intelligent, Collaborative, Accountable

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