Thursday, 19 March 2020

The Kanoo Group adopts protective measures due to coronavirus outbreak

Say No to Panic & Say Yes to Precaution

The Kanoo Group adopts protective measures due to coronavirus outbreak
The Kanoo Group conducts mandatory temperature checks to all employees and guests when entering the office premises in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE: The Kanoo Group is instituting a number of protocols in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including barring employees from going to work when sick and mandating temperature checks through contactless thermometer to all employees and guests when entering the office premises.

The company may decide to restrict or deny entry to any person with symptoms of influenza and illness and give them advice to undergo further screening by the Dubai Health Authority when suspected to having the COVID-19.

Although The Kanoo Group has so far zero cases for the novel coronavirus, the HR Department headed by Ms. Maha Kanoo, General Manager – UAE & Oman (HR & Marketing) has sent out circulars to all employees outlining several measures to prevent outbreaks and has given detailed information on the numbers to call in case of emergency, including the steps for booking a COVID-19 Test provided that a person meets the criteria set by world health experts.

Earlier last week, HR also instructed employees to fill up a Travel Declaration Form for those who have travelled to infected countries within the last 28 days. Those who have travelled in these areas were asked to go through self-quarantine for a certain period, before re-joining.

The Kanoo Group has also increased sanitary protocols such as installing sanitizers in all workplace public areas and increased employee awareness on frequent hand washing. It also has distributed a number of masks to each of the divisions.

To respond to any critical situation in the future, The Kanoo Group has also formed a Quick Response Team to attend to any calls for guidance on critical situation at any given time.

The Kanoo Group adopts protective measures due to coronavirus outbreak
Employee uses hand sanitizer installed
across The Kanoo Group premises
Addressing the employees, Ms. Maryam Al Busaidy, HR Manager, Employee Services & Emiratisation (UAE & Oman) said, “We would highly appreciate your cooperation to keep our workspace as safe as possible. We also encourage others to schedule their travel plans for a later time.”

Mr. Mohammad Tariq, HR Manager (UAE & Oman) added, “We are implementing as much as possible the most effective measures to monitor, screen and protect the health of our employees. Everyone’s safety and well-being are the highest priority of The Kanoo Group.”

The World Health Organization has advised the public on basic protective measures against the new coronavirus including washing hands frequently with soap and water, or using alcohol-based hand rub; maintaining social distancing (at least 1 metre (3 feet) with people suffering from cough or fever; avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth; practicing respiratory hygiene (covering mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing) and avoiding physical contact when greeting such as shaking hands.

Further, to those who have recently visited infected areas, they are advised to stay at home if they begin to feel unwell, even with mild symptoms such as headache and slight runny nose, until they recover. If they develop fever, cough and difficulty breathing, they are advised to seek medical attention promptly as this may be due to a respiratory infection or other serious condition. 

Tariq further advised, “Follow our HR guidelines released from time to time, and stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Also follow advice given by our healthcare provider, our national and local public health authority on how to protect yourself and others from the COVID-19. Don’t panic, don’t spread rumours as it may involve penal action by law.”

“Be polite towards colleagues who are showing flu symptoms and practice self-isolation in case of sickness. Be supportive, careful, alert, and kind.”

The Kanoo Group has also planned disinfection measures across its premises which will be carried out the soonest.

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