Tuesday 9 November 2021

The Kanoo Group welcomes new employees in newest social media campaign

Some of the new employees of The Kanoo Group and its divisions that were welcomed in October 2021

The Kanoo Group—one of the largest family-owned conglomerates in the region—has put a spotlight on its employees as the company initiates its newest social media initiative, showcasing its warm welcome for the new joiners.

The social media campaign is the newest collaboration between the group’s Marketing and HR Departments. It aims to welcome the new members of the Kanoo family as well as highlight their roles across the company’s various divisions.

The said initiative is planned to be observed every month, in order to keep track of the new employees joining The Kanoo Group and its diversified brands.

The following are the new joiners for the month of October:

1. Rimzee Razvi – Sr. Travel Consultant, Kanoo Travel

2.  Pradeep Kumar - MHE Sales, Kanoo Machinery

3.  Venkatramana Gupta - Sales Engineer, Kanoo Machinery

4. Nikhil Joseph – Sales, Kanoo Machinery

5. Sanjeev Komar Jha – Oiler, Kanoo Shipping

6. Sumesh Sahadevan – Loading Master, Kanoo Shipping

7. Alex Longdon - Sr. Legal Consultant, Legal Department, The Kanoo Group

8. Bandi Rajan – AB Seaman, Kanoo Shipping

9. Shahi Mannadparambi – Launch Captain, Kanoo Shipping

10.  Jamille Domingo – Sr. Executive, PR and Social Media, The Kanoo Group


The campaign has proven to be very successful, as it has already garnered huge engagement across all the Group’s social media platforms. On LinkedIn, it has already amassed over 41,000 impressions as well as more than 300 likes. Meanwhile, it has collected nearly 1,300 reach on Facebook and 215 on Instagram.

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