Wednesday 18 January 2023

TEA WITH THE CHAIRMAN: The Kanoo Group facilitates interactive discussion between staff, Chairman Mishal Kanoo


In line with its commitment to engage with and motivate its employees further in the new year ahead, The Kanoo Group—one of the largest family-owned business conglomerates in the region—on January 16 has organized an interactive discussion between Chairman Mishal Kanoo and the sales employees from all of its divisions.


Held at Crowne Plaza Dubai, ‘Tea With the Chairman’ saw the corporate dialogue become active yet again within members of The Kanoo Group, as Mr. Mishal gave an inspiring talk that focused on the importance of leaving a mark from the job, as well as austerity in dominating the market and respective industry.


“We have a lot of deer, some are small, others are medium-sized, some of them are huge ones. If you want them, go get them. Go become the cheetah, the lion, or the panther. Or, you might become a vulture—eating whatever’s left,” he said.


The chairman added that people does not have to do things that are of grand scale, they just have to do something that they think is important and will leave a mark, long after they’re gone.


“Choose what you want to be, how you want to be remembered, or how you want to remember yourself. Because at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with what the company does, it has everything to do with you. If you want something, go get it,” he added.


The Kanoo Group’s Country Manager Hesham Nass, noted how all the members of the Group must be keen to add further value to the business through partnerships and joint ventures.


“Every single one of you has something to add to your customer. So you’re not sales per se, you are consultants, helping your customer to retain them. What we’re looking at today is that the market has saturated and is increasing in size. How do we add value? By collaborating. Collaborating between teams and collaborating across other brands of your industry,” he said.


Various divisions of The Kanoo Group have successfully forged a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted partner of world-renowned brands across several industrial industries. Since its establishment over a century ago,  the Group has several business activities across the world's most dynamic industries, including: shipping, travel, machinery and rentals, energy, cranes, capital services, steel reinforcement, real estate, logistics, specialty chemicals and business centers, and other retail and commercial activities.


Today, for over 130 years, The Kanoo Group has unremittingly grown its realm of businesses across industries throughout the Middle East. However, the core ethos of the company remains strong and visible. The Kanoo Group’s devotion to their early values, as well as adherence to ethics and beliefs, had indeed made them a powerhouse in the region—boasting a remarkable history in terms of boosting loyalty within team members as well as industry partners.


Since 1890, The Kanoo Group has been a master of all trades. Today, The Kanoo Group remains a symbol of innovation, quality, and success, providing a diverse range of quality products and services to the highest standards across selected growth market.

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