Thursday 4 August 2022

The Kanoo Group kicks off new website to reflect its innovation strategy in line with UAE’s journey towards digitalisation

The Kanoo Group, one of the largest family-owned business conglomerates in the region, has launched its new and enhanced website ( in a bid to mirror its steadfast commitment to continuously integrate innovation in accelerating the UAE’s economic diversification.


The move, led by its Marketing Department, aims to reflect the Group’s strategy to blend its agenda towards digital innovation and its commitment to highlight the importance of human connections.


As the company remains committed to dominating and conquering the industries it is engaged in across the region, The Kanoo Group remains steadfast in its goal still remind everyone about the true essence of humanity as the main core of its business operations.


Every business is created with the goal of reaching utmost success, and technology and digital means have been greatly utilized to ensure this. Especially during the pandemic that hit the world, the prolonged period of communal isolation made the world completely dependent on devices in order to seek connections.


In the recent years, more people have engaged in the online sphere than ever, with a significant portion of daily interactions mediated by gadgets and devices.


For The Kanoo Group, its Marketing Department analyzed the visitors’ behavior and interactions with its website and social media platforms. With this, the department came up with unique ideas on how to incorporate a glimpse of human touch on the new website.


In addition, research also shows that brands that utilize more ‘human’ features on their websites tend to attract greater trust. Study conducted by Sprout Social—an American software company—noted that 65% of consumers feel more connected to brands that with content that humanizes an otherwise faceless brand, and they want the people behind the brands doing the posting. This is because people feel more easily able to build a close relationship with them, giving them the impression that the brand genuinely cares about their needs.


The enhanced website is anticipated to generate more progress to The Kanoo Group’s stout online presence. Prior to this new website, The Kanoo Group already enjoys 8 million page views on the website, while its blog has already generated 311,495 impressions and total page views. In terms of social media, The Kanoo Group has generated 153,200 followers on LinkedIn, with mobile page views reaching over 8,000 a month.

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