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The Kanoo Group’s Maryam Al Haddad gets retirement after 21 years of service

Dubai, UAE: For some people, the key to successful retirement means living out their golden years by accepting changes and finding meaningful activities to start fresh with a new beginning. That holds true for Ms. Maryam Al Haddad, after bidding goodbye to The Kanoo Group, her second home for the last 21 years.
Maryam Al Haddad retirement tribute at The Kanoo Group
Maryam Al Haddad honoured during a retirement tribute held The Kanoo Group Headquarters in Dubai 
In the Farewell event organised by Ms. Maryam Al Busaidy, HR Manager (Employee Services & Emiratisation ─ UAE & Oman), Ms. Maha Kanoo, General Manager – UAE & Oman (HR & Marketing) graced the occasion including Maryam al Haddad’s colleagues & friends who gathered to express their retirement wishes held on 7th November 2019 at The Kanoo Group Headquarters in Dubai.

Ms. Maha Kanoo said, “Maryam has been with us for decades and has successfully pioneered to be the first female UAE national retiree at The Kanoo Group. I am grateful for her commitment to having served the best long-term interests of the company. With such an employee, The Kanoo Group continues to stand firm through the test of time.”

Maryam Al Haddad retirement tribute at The Kanoo Group“She always comes by to say, ‘Hi’ and asks, ‘how are you doing?’ She is the type of person who doesn’t whine and come to you with the problem. She is that person who works ‘through’ her problem - which demonstrates her strength and positivity,” she recalled.

“I am so proud to be a part of a reputable and legendary company which has been established since 1890 – one of the largest and longest-running family business across the Middle East and beyond,” Maryam Al Haddad expressed.

She laments that it’s difficult to bear the thought of leaving friends and the entire community behind, most especially the Kanoo family she considers not just as employers but as a real family. Nevertheless, she also contemplated that retirement is also an adventure and can be a perfect time to redirect herself on doing things she once loved (but lacked the time to do so) ─hobbies like fishing and travelling, and focusing on health and wellness, and spending more time with her loved ones.

“It saddens us to see you go. But you have a great and vibrant life ahead of you. We congratulate you on your retirement and wish you the best of luck in the future,” Ms. Maryam Al Busaidy, HR Manager - Employee Services & Emiratisation (UAE & Oman) said.
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Mr. Mohammad Tariq, HR Manager – UAE & Oman added, “Maryam is always lively and full of energy. She inspires a lot of people around, that’s why it’s hard to find someone to ‘fit into the big shoes’ of her.”

Ms Al Haddad summarised, “For some reason, our society is very obsessed in pointing out the negative aspects of ageing. Yes, it is not always easy, but our attitude toward life matters a lot. With a positive perspective, we grow old with astounding grace, then confidently retire with a peace of mind all after.”
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“Always remember that we are a group of select survivors – we have overcome the struggles and storms of life and workplace trials. We age with wisdom, resilience and mature understanding. These values are our priceless reward and accomplishment.”

Maryam Al Haddad has been a staff of Kanoo Shipping for over 2 decades and has served her duties well especially the local clientele. She has been a great role model and inspiration for the younger generation for her positive outlook, work ethic and commitment. The Kanoo Group wishes her all the best.
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