Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Kanoo Thunders nails Champion title in the AJV Agents League 2015

Kanoo Thunders defends its Cricket success against Travel challengers

Dubai, UAE: Kanoo Thunders, Kanoo Travel’s Cricket team once again won the top award in the recent Atlantic Joint Venture Agents League 2015 which was held at the United Pro Sports, Dubai on 28th August 2015.
Kanoo Thunders at The Atlantic Joint Venture Agents League 2015
The cricket match, The Atlantic Joint Venture Agents League 2015 was sponsored by Munich Airport, in conjunction with Star Alliance Members: Air Canada, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss Airlines and United Airlines, and participated by industry partners in the UAE which includes the Kanoo Travel.

Just recently, Kanoo Thunders also raked the 1st prize award in the 2015 Sabre EmQuest Indoor Cricket Tournament which was held at Insportz Indoor Cricket facility in Dubai, beating Sharaf Travels in the finals.

Team players Abdul Karim, Ankit Desai, Asim Fawaz, Tabrez Shaikh, Liston Olivera, Rafaz Mulla, Rizwan Alambath and Rijeesh Parambath consistently gave their best performances throughout the tournament.

One of the game highlights involved the first match between Kanoo Thunders and its old rivalry, Dnata Travel, with Kanoo Thunders’ stunning lead, scoring 86 runs in 8 overs against its opponent, scoring only 26 runs on board.

After series of play-offs, Kanoo Thunders overthrew its main contenders Dnata Travel, Sharaf Travel and BCD Travel in the final round; taking home the main trophy with pride and cheerfulness.

Captain Kaish Mujawar & Vice-Captain Asim commended the players for their outstanding performance and for defending their top title in the previous tournaments. Equally, Team Mentor Mohammad Imran also congratulated the entire group for their unity and collaboration and expressed his admiration to the athletes for their team spirit, sportsmanship and courage in the games.

Naseer Khan and Irfan Zaka were also present at the event and showed their support to the team.

About Kanoo Travel

The Kanoo family's involvement in air travel goes back to 1937 when the company provided refueling facilities in Bahrain for Imperial Airways seaplanes on route to India and Australia. In 1947 Kanoo Travel became the first IATA agency in the Gulf.

Today, Kanoo Travel is the largest travel company in the Middle East, with a team of travel specialists, operating a network of over 140 offices in the region, and through a global network of world class travel partners.  Kanoo Travel provides the most comprehensive and specialized services in the travel industry with unmatched quality awards and achievements that guarantees the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Customers can utilize Kanoo Travel’s direct booking facility which is accessible in all their retail travel shops, online channels and corporate customer portfolios. 

For more information, visit: www.kanootravel.com

About The Kanoo Group

‘The Kanoo Group’ is one of the largest, independent, family-owned groups of companies in the Gulf region established in 1890. It has diversified business industries in shipping, travel, machinery, engineering, logistics, property, oil & gas, power, industrial chemicals, training, joint ventures, retail and commercial activities, among others, and operates extensively throughout Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen and Qatar.

Our Vision
The Leading Family Business in the Region and Beyond

Our Mission 
Delivering Sustainable Excellence

Our Values 
Customer Focused, Ethical, Innovative, Agile, Competent & Intelligent, Collaborative, Accountable 

P.O. Box 290, Dubai, UAE. Toll Free: 800 KANOO, Fax: 04-3933636, Websites: www.kanoo.com / www.kanoogroup.com 

To comment on the article, send an email to:
Michelle Laylo Verzola 
PR Executive
The Kanoo Group

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